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12020-07-14Wan-an No. 43 Air Raid Drill Notice  
22020-05-19Third automatic 30-day extension for foreigners entering Taiwan on or before March 21 with visa waiver, visitor visa, or landing visa (no application required) (overstayers excepted)  
32020-03-23Expanded Overstayers Voluntary Departure Program(20200401-20200630)  
42020-03-17New Mask purchasing Policy  
52020-03-17How Foreigner buy Mask in Taiwan  
62020-03-11JOIN Earth Hour Taiwan ON SATURDAY MARCH 28,20:30-21:30  
72020-01-30The prevention for The novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) from Wuhan  
82020-01-15Traffic Measures During the Lunar New Year 2020.  
92019-12-13Home Security Service Provided by ILCPB during 2020 CNY [Download - APLLICAtion1 (DOC Format)]
102019-06-30e-Banking fraud ring led by Huang busted  

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