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During Japanese Colony (Before 1945)

The period when it belonged to Taipei County (1945-1950)

At the beginning of the Taiwan restoration in 1945, the Yilan City Police Section , Lotung, Jiaosi and Su-ao police stations were set up; which all still belonged to the Taipei County Police Department.

In September 1950, The Police Section and Police Stations were cancelled and changed into police precincts . A Peifeng Police Precinct was added to cover Taiping, Nan-ao and Wulai.

During the organization of Yilan County - 1950 up to now

  • Yilan Police Bureau was set up in October 1950. At the beginning, there were a Director- general , Deputy Director-general, 5 sections, 2 officers and 5 police precincts (Chengchu, Jiaosi , Lotung, Su-ao and Peifeng).
  • Jan. 1951, Peifeng Police Precinct was cancelled, Mountain Areas Affairs Section was added.
  • Sept. 1953, a Personnel Office was set up; the organization was with 6 sections and 4 offices.
  • July 1958, 4 sections (General Affairs 1 ,Security Preservation, Criminal Investigation and General Affairs 2 ), 5 offices (Inspectors’, Personnel, Household Registration , Safety and Accounting and Statistics), a secretary, a criminal police brigade and security police brigade were set up under the organization of Yilan County Police Bureau. 5 police precincts were organized outside (Yilan, Lotung, , Jiaosi Su-ao and Sansing).
  • 1967, the police and census were integrated, 12 household Registration offices were set in Yilan County.
  • 1972, the Yilan Civil Prevention Command Center was cancelled, it was replaced with the Civil Defense Section and the Civil Defense Command Center.
  • 1974, the Criminal Investigation Section was cancelled, and was integrated into the Criminal Investigation Police Brigade.
  • March 1984, the Public Security Office was set up.
  • July 1987, the Duty Command Center, Secretariat, Training Section and Traffic Police Brigade were set up; the Civil Defense Section and Security Preservation were integrated into the Public Order and Civil Defense Section, Due to the increase of port security business, a temporary security check center, check unit and station were organized. The Security Check Section was not organized until 1988.
  • July 1992, the Information Management Office was organized. The police and census were separated again. Therefore, all the household offices were under the county government organization. The Household Section was changed into the Household Registration Section.
  • 1993, the Deputy director-general was appointed. The Foreign Affair subsection was expanded into the Foreign Affairs Section. The Rules and Public Relations subsections were added into the Secretariat.
  • Nov. 1998, the Fire Protection Brigade was moved into the County Government, the Fire Protection Bureau was organized.
  • Jan. 1999, the Chief Secretary was appointed,the Juvenile Delinquency Prevention Police Brigade and the Public Relations Office were set up. Due to losing the legal base, the Vessel Police Brigade was cancelled.
  • Feb. 2000, security check activities were moved into the jurisdiction of the Coast Guard Administration, 26 security check stations were cancelled.
  • Feb. 2000, the Bureau organization rules were developed.
  • Aug. 2002, the Bureau organization rules and functions were modified; the Security Check Section was changed into the name of the Mainland Affairs Section.
  • Sept. 2005, in order to enhance the local criminal police organization, the Criminal Investigation Police Brigade was changed into Criminal Investigation Police Corps. Due to the amendments of Criminal Law, the Forensic Science Section was set up. In order to enhance the protection of women and children and secure the process of women and children related cases to assure women and children safety, the Women and Children Profection Corps was separated from Juvenile Delinquency Prevention Corps. With the increasing of professional police forces, women and children safety would be assured.
  • After the organizational reformation in October, 2007,the Director-general was appointed for all the security and safety over the county; with the assistance of 2 deputy director-generals and a chief secretary; 7 divisions (General Affairs, Security Preservation and Civil Defense, Training, Household Registration ,Foreign Affairs, Logistics Mainland Affairs and Forensic Science ), 7 Offices (Secretariat, Inspectors’, Public Security, Information Management, Public Relations, Accounting and Personnel), 5 Corps (Special Police , Criminal Investigation , Traffic Police and Juvenile Police , Women and Children Protection ), Duty Command Center, Civil Defense Operations Control Center and 5 police precincts (Yilan, Lotung, Jiaosi, Su-ao and Sansing).
  • March 17, 2010, Inspectors’ Office, Information Management Office, Public Security Office and Public Relations Office were changed into Inspectors’ Division, Information Management Division, Public Security Division and Public Relations Division.
  • May 30, 2014, the Legal Affairs Division and Civil Service Ethics Office were set up. The Household Registration Division was changed into the name of the Prevention and Control Division; the Public Order and Civil Defense Division was changed into the Public Order Division.
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