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About us

The Government aims to serve the people based upon the best interests to our citizens. People want an honest and upright government, expect it can operate efficiently based on people’ interests, and simplified procedures when people need service provided by government. A survey conducted by CommonWealth Magazine in 2012 investigated which city Taiwanese prefer to live. The result showed that 80% of Taiwanese would like to live in Yilan County and that survey on satisfaction with living environment, Yilan occupied the first place.

Police frequent contact with people. The belief --“people have rights” and “carrying duties in accordance with law” should be kept in mind to serve people. With dedication and enthusiasm for work, law enforcers can gain people’s trust and support.

“Policemen care people’s every concern”. Police’s responsibility is to provide a safe and secure environment for people and prevent crimes. However, “the police force is limited but people’s strength is unlimited”. Policemen need your cooperation to build a safe and secure environment. Your comments and encouragement help us improve our performance and create a better future.

Police Bureau of Yilan County consists of 11 divisions, 2 offices and 2centers. Eleven divisions include General Affairs Division, Public Order and Civil Defense Division, Training, Household Registration Division, Foreign Affairs Division, Public Relations Division, Secretariat, Inspectors’ Division, Logistics Division, Information Management Division, Public Security and Forensic Science Division; 2 offices are Accounting office and Personnel office; 2 centers are Duty Command Center and Civil Defense Operations Center. In Yilan County, there are 5 Police Precincts, 1 corps and 4 brigades. Five precincts are Yilan, Lotung, Jiaosi, Su-ao and Sansing Police Precincts; 1 corps is--Criminal Investigation Corps; 4 brigades are Special Police Brigade, Traffic Police Brigade, Juvenile Delinquency Prevention Brigade and Women and Children Protection Brigade. The legal number of staff is 1,533. Now, we have 1,207 staffs, 14 contract employees, 92 technicians, fellow workers and drivers. Under the principle to serve the people, policemen keep in mind the rule of “being with the people, loving the people and providing convenient services to the people”.
Date of last review:2018-07-19
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