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Complained Cases

Procedures for filing a case through e-mail

Main purpose: in order to encourage staff using e-mails to receive people’s suggestions, complains or comments and have a more efficient way to communicate with people, a unit has been organized in order to process the mails in “Department e-mail” and “Commissioner’s e-mail”.

[e-mails for complains and comments]
Commissioner's e-mail

The procedures for mails sent to “Commissioner's e-mail” are as followed:
  1. A special assigned team under our department is responsible for the receiving, sending, managing, tracking and controlling of e-mails.
  2. E-mail box will be opened twice a day: 09:00AM and 03:00PM The incoming mails will be registered and transferred to related departments for further processing and replying.
  3. For complaints from e-mails, the case shall be closed and replied within 6 days. The Secretariat office will be actively pushing the case if which are not closed within 6 days.
  4. All units shall reply to the mail to the sender after the result has been reported and approved with a copy to the Plan Office in Yi-Lan County Hall and the Secretariat Office in our Department.
“Department e-mails” will be effective starting from 1st December, 2000.
[Commissioner's e-mail]
Date of last review:2018-07-19
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