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Service White Book

  • Public service is a vital policy agenda of government. Premier of Executive Mao,Chih-Kuo expresses his policy address at the Legislative Yuan coference that the purpose which government exist for is public service, and administration department has the obligation and responsibility to pay attention to people’s concerns and respond what they need. Besides that, the policy agenda of ministry of the interior in 2015 is taking honesty ,profession, efficiency, and warmth as basises to formulate and promote concrete policies for making a sustainable, resident-justice, intelligent energy management, honest-politics, convenient, and safe country.
  •  Director-general Kao,Shou-Sun took office on Februery 11, 2015. To improve police service, he put people’s interests as priority. Illegal sandstone quarrying, fraud-interrupting, drug free from school, and household theft are listed as the main focus of police work due to the characteristics of Yilan district. In addition that, director-general Kao,Shou-Sun also claims his staff taking maintaining-public-security, keeping-traffic-smooth, and providing-quality-service as main shaft to reinforce crim-prevetion, keep traffic smooth, and respond public’s demand efficiently.
  •  You can find our ideals, goals and measures of public service in this Service White Paper. To elevate the service quality of YCPB, your comments are appreciated.
Date of last review:2015-02-23
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